Ayvalık, is a charming summary of the Aegean coastal life style with its narrow streets and stone houses. These streets are source of serenity that painted with amazing colors of summer sun.


There are a lots of natural beauty to be discovered around Ayvalık. One of them is called Şeytan Sofrası (Table of the Devil). According the rumors; the large hollow one of the rock is resembling the Devil’s Footprint that the name comes from here. Şeytan Sofrası one of the unique places for sunset.


Sarımsaklı is mostly preferred to swim for long beach in Ayvalık.

Another nice option to swim is Cunda where known as a Scented Island(Moshinos). Cunda looks like a remained almost frozen in the time somewhere. Life goes slowly but enjoyable as well.

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You can suddenly face Taxiarches Church (Archangels Gabriel and Michael) while you walk arround the narrow streets of Cunda. The historial curch Taxiarches is a symbol of the island. Restored Church is continued the existence as a museum nowadays.


You can enjoy with the delicious sample of seafoods and Papalina fish accompanied by sea view . It is another delicious option to have curd cheese desert and mastic-flavored ice cream after dinner. It is a great pleasure to have mastic-flavored Turkish coffee in Taş Kahve across the sea view.

A small island with a monastery can be noticed across of the fish restaurants that called Tımarhane Adası (Madhouse Island). It was a kind of therapy center in the old times where boisterous and drunk people had been left there so that sober up during the night.


Once we climb up to the Aşıklar Tepesi (Lovers’ Hill) a windmill greets us with its amazing scenery of islands. This restored windmill serves a library with a small cafe.


Cunda Island became a peninsula with the bridge that was attached to it in 1964. It is considered the first bouphorus bridge in Turkey, of course the small one’s.


Back side of island more than peaceful and calmer when compared to the front side such as Patricia Bay. Time to heed of call of nature and give ourselves to the nature and serenity.


Before leaving from Ayvalık the last spot is Cennet Tepesi (Heaven Hill) to watch the town from a bird eye.

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